Dear Members,

As the RHKYC encountered quite a few issues recently when non-members told the carpark guard they were going to the ship-shop and in fact were abusing the RHKYC hospitality, by parking the whole day. This has forced the Club take some action.

Please be reminded, that if you want to park at the RHKYC to go to the ship-shop you must now call ahead to the Ship Shop manager, to register your car, and once your buying is done you must vacate the premises immediately thereafter.

Not conforming may rightly force the Yacht Club to take further action and maybe precludes access to non-members cars that would definitely be a serious inconvenience for you.

So please be considerate and contact Mr. David Ho, Ship Shop Manager at Tel:  2239 0336 or send him an email prior to your visit to register your car. shipshop@rhkyc.org.hk

Aberdeen Boat Club